from tatters to tapestry

July 6, 2013 womanafterhisheart

Natalie Grant’s song, “The Real Me” says these words:

“You’re turning the tattered fabric of my life into a perfect tapestry.”

Wow. That is exactly what I have been watching God do for a while now.

Several months ago, Jesus called me to renew my relationship with HIm. He changed my heart in a new, fresh way. Now He has begun to really work on my mind, on the thoughts that  lead my actions. I am learning how to let His word transform my mind. The old “tapes” that have resided in my mind for so long can no longer stay! Some have been removed already, but I am seeing now that there are many that have been hidden so deep- so many that I are like old familiar friends but that have been poisoning my relationship with Christ and others, that I am in need of a complete mind renewal. So, that is where I am now. Asking God to show me the lies I have lived by for so long and the truth of His word- seeking emotional and mental wholeness like never before. And it is exciting! I truly feel like Natalie says, He is taking the tattered pieces of my life- all the heart break and hurt and lies and bondage- and He is turning them into a beautiful tapestry! It is a journey- and sometimes a very lonely one, but He is always with me. Plus, I know what lies on the other side: complete and utter freedom 🙂 Thanks, God!


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