Peeling an onion

May 11, 2013 womanafterhisheart

I am an onion. Yep, an onion. 

Have you ever tried to peel an onion? It’s a painstakingly long process, and the layers are too numerous to even count! On a consistent basis, (sometimes daily, sometimes every couple of days), God is gently and lovingly peeling away another layer of “stuff” from my life revealing more and more of His truth.  Although my complete healing is done in the spiritual realm, in the natural, it is a layer at a time as it works its way outward. It amazes me how blind I have been these many years- how many layers have covered my spiritual eyes! I am so very thankful for Jesus, who is gently releasing me from this blindness! Today, a friend told me I am on an Exodus from Egypt heading to the promised land. All that I have lived out of- my past- a victim mentality- fear- anxiety- my personal Egypt, God has delivered me from, and He is bringing me to where He has always wanted me to live with Him. I don’t want to be like the 10 spies who panicked; I want to trust Him completely to take care of any “Jericho walls” that try to keep me from claiming HIs best for me, and walk on in. I love this journey. Even though at times it can be lonely and painful, it has made me realize my need for God (not just as savior but as Lord) to lead my every step. It has also made me so much more aware of the others around me who are hurting desperately and who need Jesus to save them- both from sin and from themselves. So peel away, Lord, peel away, for I know that when YOu finally get all the junk removed, all that will be left is YOU. I love You.



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